Difference Between Intervoice Day (8/16) & the Congress (8/17-8/18)

The full Congress event starts on Wednesday, August 16 and runs through Friday, August 18. However, there are some key differences between Intervoice Day and the Congress that are useful for you to understand when making your plans. For example:

Intervoice Day: On Intervoice Day (Wednesday, August 16) there will be no formal keynote talks or workshops. The day will mostly be focused on sharing the progress of the international Hearing Voices movement and report outs from different countries about related developments in their respective areas. Meals will not be provided, but the day is free to attend. It is organized and facilitated by Intervoice, rather than Hearing Voices USA.

The Congress: The formal Congress is on Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18. All keynotes and workshops will take place on these two days. There is a cost to attend, but it is available on a sliding scale and scholarships are also available. It is organized and facilitated by Hearing Voices USA.

You are welcome to attend one or the other or both!
Just be sure to register accordingly.