Intervoice Day

Intervoice Day is being organized by Intervoice. You can download the details as a PDF for offline viewing.

Date: 16th August 2017
Venue: Metcalf Hall, George Sherman Union, Boston University
Chairs: Olga Runciman (DK) and Dirk Corstens (NL) - Members of the Intervoice Board



Registration and continental breakfast (provided)



Olga and Dirk welcome attendees on behalf of the Intervoice Board, explain the role of Intervoice in the International Hearing Voices Movement and affirm the congress Safety Agreement.


Hearing Voices Groups and Networks around the world

Hear about the development of hearing voices groups and networks, including: The USA, Ireland, Canada, England, Denmark and more … If you are attending and able to represent a Hearing Voices Network from your own country, please make yourself known during registration.


Break (feel free to snack on the rest of the continental breakfast)


What does the Hearing Voices Movement mean to you & what do you contribute to it?

The International Hearing Voices Movement is a thriving network of people, groups, projects and organisations who recognise voices, visions and similar experiences as diverse and meaningful human experiences, respecting the right of the person to define their own experiences.

Testimonies – 40 mins

In this section we have invited a range of people to share brief 10 minute testimonies that help give a flavour of what the Hearing Voices Movement means to them, how it has influenced their life and how they currently contribute to it.

Group discussion – 15 mins

With the participants on your table, share some of what the Hearing Voices Movement means to you and how you currently – or hope to – contribute to it. Capture key statements on postcards that will be displayed throughout the World Congress. Feel free to decorate them if you like!

Sharing – 10 mins

Those who wish to will be invited to read out, and share, what is written on their postcards.


Intervoice Awards

Announcing the winners of the 2017 Intervoice Awards, and introducing the ‘Open Space’ concept so participants can prepare discussion topics over lunch.


Break for Lunch (Lunch is not provided, but you can visit the food court one level below, or nearby cafes)


Welcome & Open Space Set Up

Every year, the afternoon of the Intervoice Day is devoted to the Open Space concept. This provides participants with the opportunity to host discussion spaces on topics which interest them.


Open Space

For more information, see: ‘What is Open Space’ in the FAQ below. Please remember to write some notes for your Open Space on a flipchart.


Break (refreshments provided)


Feedback and discussion

Each group has the opportunity to share a few key points from their Open Space with the rest of the conference. Includes time for discussion and questions, as needed.


Rounding up and moving forwards

Olga and Dirk will reflect on the day and bring it to a close – encouraging attendees to think about the future of the Hearing Voices Movement, what they feel able to contribute to it and how Intervoice can be of assistance.