9th World Hearing Voices Congress Scholarship Opportunities!

*Please Note*

As of July 1, 2017, all of our available funds for scholarship have been claimed. We're really amazed by the responses we've received and look forward to meeting all of the awardees and hope that our sliding scale will still make attending available for others.

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Our excitement is growing by the minute and we’re so glad you want to be with us at the 9th Annual World Hearing Voices Congress, hosted in Boston, MA, USA on August 16 – 18 this year! While we have done everything in our power to keep expenses down, we realize what a huge financial commitment attending the Congress can be and have developed a Scholarship Fund to help out. Our ability to support scholarship is dependent on several things. The two most important pieces are fundraising and full-cost-attendance registration paid, by our fellow conference goers. Because these items are not fixed, we can’t specifically outline what or how much we’ll be able to fund. We will, however, do our best to support as many people as possible to come to this year’s congress.

Our ability to support scholarship is limited so we want to encourage you to look closer to home for financial aid. Many people have great success approaching small businesses, local banks, religious organizations and other charitable groups in their own hometowns for financial assistance. We’d encourage you, if you haven’t already, to approach your local contacts and involve them in your adventure. Share your excitement about the Congress and let them know how important it would be for you and your community for you to attend. Offer to do a speaking engagements or get interviewed by local papers or newsletters when you return to share what you experienced and learned. It is a great way to enrich your community at home while having the experience of a lifetime at the World Congress!

Please provide the following information for our scholarship committee’s consideration:


Home Town and Country:

Email Address:

Why do you want to attend this year’s Congress (250 words or less)

How else have you tried to raise the funds needed to attend? (if applicable)

What parts of your attendance would you like assistance with? (Registration Fee, Travel, Room & Board, for examples)


Please, list the budget items you are hoping we can cover via scholarship:



Unwaged/Unemployed Congress Registration$95.00
Barbeque Social$40.00
Travel: Air Flight, Seattle to Boston on Southwest$221.00
Total Request:$356.00



Please Note:

  • We do not need to see costs for things you are not requesting funding for.
  • We understand that prices are estimates that you make at the time of application and not exact amounts.
  • Should you be awarded a scholarship amount, you will be asked to collaborate with us, as we will purchase things (such as hotel and travel) in your name directly through our accounts.

Submissions for Scholarship will be accepted until July 31, 2017 or until our fund no longer allows, whichever comes first. Our committee will meet bi-weekly to consider submissions.

Please submit your request to:


To: Scholarship Committee

Email: 2017Congress@HearingVoicesUSA.org